Markdata Media Workstation


Markdata Media Workstation, is the new software application specially designed to analyse media audience results and advertisement expenditures.

The initial purpose of Markdata Media Workstation was to integrate Telereport, Teleview, Videotrack and Planview in one single application. However its potentialities go further beyond that purpose.

Indeed, Markdata Media Workstation introduces some very important features. Markdata Media Workstation is written using widely known and appreciated high level programming environment Visual C++, allowing the software to run in a more efficient and faster way.

Another important issue that makes this Markdata Media Workstation an unique software is the possibility of implementing new external features and functionalities, which makes it a lighter and reusable program. The fact of being Component based software, using Markdata Object Modules, enables us to easily add new functionalities and details to Markdata Media Workstation.